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a lot of confusion around what jade is, says Spehar, adding that much of this confusion stems from a mistranslation. While true jade can be found in China, other green stones such as serpentine are native to certain provinces there. The Chinese call all these stones which translates to in English, and it the jewelry made from these more common stones that is familiar to most Americans.

To further confuse the issue, while not all green stones are true jade, not all true jade is green. These beads also contain rhondite, a pink mineral he buys from South Fork Mining in Klamath National Forest.

Even with these international resources, Spehar prefers to find his materials close to home whenever possible.

like to source locally, he says, because people like to own local stuff. of Spehar raw material may be on display at the Tapestry festival in the form of a large piece of Pacific Blue jade he found on a recent dive at Jade Cove.

is my most prized piece right now, Spehar says. very rare. has a more personal reason for prizing a jade and abalone necklace he created this summer for a carving contest sponsored by the World Jade Symposium. He is dedicating his entry to his cousin, Nicholas Spehar, a Navy SEAL who was among those killed on Aug. 8 when a Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

whole time I was working on that necklace, I was thinking about Nick, Spehar says, adding that proceeds from the necklace sale will go to his cousin family.

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