what Brands Have Very Nice Dress Watches

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That not really a dress watch, though it closer to a dress watch than a sports watch such as a Rolex. Dress watches are simple, like those I linking to below. Brands of dress watches (or, more accurately, manufacturers) include Patek Philippe, Baume Mercier, Vacheron Constantin, Blancpain, Cartier, and many more. Most Rolex and Tag watches are not dress watches.

Watch lovers love mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are anachronistic; quartz watches are much more accurate and much less expensive. Good mechanical watches can cost tens of thousands of dollars but are intended to last decades or longer. Patek Philippe, Rolex, et al. make these watches.

Most people do not want such an expensive watch, and watches in the $30+ range are accurate and reliable. For a bit more, you can choose a watch with better finishing details and have more options (stylewise). If you willing to spend up to $200 or so you can choose from innumerable styles of quartz watches that will be wellmade and reliable. Watches at this level will be steel and, if you wish, goldplated. Seiko and many others make watches at this level.

(In between extremely good mechanical watches and $200 watches are quartz watches made by serious watch companies that also make mechanical watches. These watches are often made of gold, so they cost quite a bit more than $200, and their finishing detail is usually very well done. Watches in this range might cost from $1,200 to $10,000+. Baume et Mercier and many others make these watches.)

For your first watch, look at Seiko, among others. They make many different styles, their quality is good, and you be happy with one as your first. Here a link to all Seiko men watches on Amazon:For something better than Seiko, look at Baume et Mercier Classima line:Here are a few favorite styles that I recommend. These are venerable styles that will look timeless and classic without looking cheap, trendy, immature, etc. Any of these three will fit in just fine among people wearing watches that cost a hundred times as much.

Omega, watch of famous brand, is so famous for its high quality. People from all over the world have heard about it.

You can find many kinds of luxury replica watch hereIf you are very active and feel confident in anything, then you should have one in sharp color such as red or purple and so on. These watches are as fresh as a rose which can improve your confidence. The most important thing is that you will fell attractive and noble with it.

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