Two Classic Rolex Watches Suitable for tropical holiday

Rolex Daytona Beach Turqoise Sodalite

The reason that I am being a loyal fan of the Rolex Daytona, not just because of Paul Newman, who can be the coolest actor in the history that has worn a Rolex Daytona, but also because the Daytona series once has been a kind of complicated wrist watch for a long time among all the Rolex watches. The Padellone ref. 8171 after being stopping producing, there has not so much complicated wrist watch in the rolex swiss replica in addition to the rarely seen Jean-Calude Killy ref. 6036/ref. 6236.

This is a turquoise Daytona wrist watch. Yes, it is very modern, but the popularity of the “beach” version Daytona wrist watch cannot emphasize too much, even in the antique collectors circles! And platinum watch case makes the watch more worth it, because the platinum materials Daytona wrist watch has not so much. With vivid strap, I can’t imagine what new rolex Daytona series wrist watch is more suitable for your next holiday in the seychelles.

c05c5a882cee796c9a82d16b6e960571Rolex Stella Date ref.15238

Is it simpler than rolex datejust replica? Yes. More rare than Daytona? One hundred percent correct. Heavenly blue dial rolex Date is extraordinary refined, but blue Stella dial rolex Date is extremely rare. Stella watch dial which is made of enamel dial mainly appeared on the Day – Date series wrist watch. And the wrist watch is special because it does not belong to the Day – Date series, but to Date series. In addition, the wrist watch was produced in 1995, so it is one of the last batch of the Stella dial rolex. Dark blue enamel dial is decorated with diamonds on time scale. Oyster gold watch case is in good condition, with exception of lugs. And there is the original tag on the green watch case cover.

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